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Betting rules | JRTBET
Welcome To The All New Website Of JRTBET! 欢迎来到JRTBET的全新网站!

Betting rules

The minimum age to open an account is 18 years old.

All members are responsible for protecting their ID and password security.

All members must read the betting guide, each sports betting or casino website rules to understand their rules before placing a bet.

The cash withdrawal time is from 4pm to 10pm every day. If you do not withdraw funds, the credit will remain unchanged.

The minimum deposit for a new member is SGD80. You can only withdraw money once a day.

We reserve the right to refuse and cause customers to be suspected of cheating, and hackers use artificial intelligence for any bets.

JRTBET reserves the right to modify, cancel, withdraw or refuse to decide any promotion activities if the player is found and confirmed to have fraudulent account behavior during the promotion period.

Players are only allowed to enjoy the same offer with one account. If a player is found to have their own account and abuse multiple accounts, they will be immediately banned and lose bonuses and their profits.

JRTBET has the power to make judgments and final decisions.